too much like family

The point is that when someone says we are like family here, make sure you know what kind of family they mean. Remember the movie The Firm when Abby says to Mitch, “They told me the firm encourages you to have children!” She knew something was up. He refused to see it, enamored by everything else the firm was offering.

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6 Replies to “too much like family”

  1. The concept of a religious sect as a ‘Family’ is dangerous and open to potential abuse. All such ‘Families’ usually have a Big Daddy/Momma figure who can eventually morph from being a caring leader into a control freak, and in some cases a fully fledged cult leader. David Berg of the Children of God having been one case in question.

    When I left my religious group, an elder’s wife asked the pastor in a closed meeting whether she should discuss ‘Family’ business with me if she happened to meet us in town.

    Thankfully she and her husband also eventually left the group but the nature of the question raises the issue of how easily ‘Family’ loyalty changes into a cultic ‘them and us’ mentality.

    The only family we really belong to is the whole family of God, i.e. all of humanity – those who’ve returned to Divine Love and those who’ll be ultimately reconciled with it.

    At least that’s my take on religious/spiritual ‘Family’

  2. It’s got to be a challenge to come up with a thought and cartoon every day that continually exposes the “horrors” of “church” and “pastors” and “congregations” of a certain kind–the manipulating, brainwashing, dominant/subservient,
    money-driven kind. My old man used a razor strop on me from time to time and having no success once paddled himself, with me watching, to demonstrate his failure to rectify my attitude (I had set a vacant lot on fire, smoking cigarettes I’d salvaged from the steps of the Catholic church across the street) In school, you had to bend over and grab your ankles in order to take your licks. Of course all this is considered abuse now a daze–us wounded and vulnerable victims. Then it was called upbringing. All in the family.

  3. Sometimes I think you draw these cartoons just for me. Another one for my bulletin board at work. We are definately like a family here, in good ways and bad.

  4. Hilarious!! Although not really. But different power-tripping moves come to mind and how some leaders try to dish out spankings, control and fear. All in the name of love/faithfulness of course.

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