mine mine mine mine

All truth is ours. Not just yours. Or mine. There is truth. It is accessible to us all. All people. All faiths and non-faiths. All religions and philosophies. All scientists and spiritualists. All truth is ours.

No one has a corner on it.


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15 Responses

  1. sam scoville says:

    Blind wise men around the elephant in the room. Each holding on to a part of the beast. Isn’t it
    crucial that each maintain hold on the part and point of view he’s experiencing so as to communicate it to the whole and maybe a common sense of the elephant might emerge, arise? Edification. What if one of them abandoned his hold swayed by the reports of the others? The tug or war is not to be denied or covered up. It’s an ongoing wrestling match with truth, so to speak. An agon. Need we argue?

  2. But, but, but … what I think is truth really is!
    You ask why?
    Because I said so … so therefore I should hold all of truth 😉

  3. Johnfom says:


    The trouble seems to me to come either when ‘you’ try to convince me that what I am holding on to is the same bit as what you are holding on to (‘It’s a rope’… ‘no what I’ve got is more like a tree’.. ‘then you’re obviously perceiving it wrong’), or when the attempt is made to try to convince me that the bit I am holding on to cannot possibly be a part of what you hold on to (‘It’s a rope’… ‘No what I’ve got is more like a tree’…’then you’re obviously not encountering the same thing as I am, and yours is dangerous/wrong/untruth).

    Aye, each needs to keep hold of what they have, and try to ‘see’ how the others fit with it(unless they can be shown to be separate beyond all doubts of course). There is a difference between ‘holding’ and ‘wrenching’ though. The tug of war is not necessary.

  4. Good, good, good. True, true, true (this cartoon is).

  5. sam scoville says:

    Johnfom: the trouble (for me) seems to come when
    what David is cartooning is seen as oh-my-ain’t-it-awful as opposed to the given nature of the human predicament–as if we can stand apart and shake a finger and tch tch, as if we were free from the wrestling match.
    All truth is ours, says David. Let’s agree that it is. Then how come we can’t just get along? We’re enlightened and loving and tolerant: why can’t them others be good-like-us?
    Of course I wrestle, wrangle, wrench & writhe–a wrench like me–just to maintain my own point of view if not justify it to others. The amazing back&forth that David’s cartoons generate: beautiful. Typical. My hold on the elephant: it’s just like a whisk broom. Need we argue?

  6. ttm says:

    I think I’m going to grab that second “T.” No one has a hold on that part yet. 🙂

    I love that the “shadows” these guys cast are just rigid, straight lines instead of lumpy, bumpy, curvy whole human beings. And I love how you always manage to put realities into such thought-provoking and funny images. Keep ’em coming please, David.

  7. mira says:

    No one has the monopoly on truth. 🙂

  8. thebutler says:

    … Still explaining your cartoons then?

  9. Pastor Dan says:

    is this from the GOP debate last night??

  10. ScholarSparrow says:

    Nice cartoon, David! This reminds me of the sea-gulls on “Finding Nemo.” “Mine? Mine? Mine? *piece of fish flops up* MINE! MINE! MINE!”

  11. nakedpastor says:

    perfect scholar sparrow. someone made the same comparison on my facebook

  12. sam scoville says:

    What I love about David’s cartoons: he exposes me and nails me every time. I’m the exclusion-ist, I’m the one pulling the truth to suit my self, I’m the one bullying with questions and exclamations, Mine!Mine! Mine! I’m the one rowing my boat and the hell with all you swimmers swimming. It’s uncanny. And then all the rest of you goodies–saying “uh huh, yep, you nailed them bastards good, again, David. Keep it up.” etc. Awesome.

  13. melinda says:

    Wondering: Jesus’ claim of “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father except by me”- How does that fit into this picture?

  14. Hugs 'n Jesus says:

    Reminds me of a hymn we sang in church in the1940ties.

    Mine, Mine, Mine, Jesus is Mine
    Mine when I’m cheery
    Mine when I’m weary
    Mine, Mine, Mine, Jesus is Mine
    Mine all the time, He is Mine!

    Now I would sing it, Ours, Ours, Ours, Jesus is Ours!

    Ours = ALL MANKIND. I’ll swear it’s the truth: )