preaching to the choir

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Some people have a problem with the fact that most of my readers appreciate what I’m doing. They are perplexed or annoyed when they visit my blog or Facebook page and see all the positive comments. The fact is if they looked close enough they would see plenty of negative comments. And many of the negative comments I get arrive by personal email. I have a whole stack of them you’ve never seen.

One of the expressions that’s used is that I have a choir. Or a fan club. Some say this resentfully or at least critically. I’m not sure what to do about that. I can’t help who listens to me. I can’t help who doesn’t.

Just let it be known… and this is the same for every other blogger out there… nakedpastor has fans (or a “choir”)… and he has enemies. And then there’s a whole other group of people who just don’t care about nakedpastor, or have never even heard of it at all.

The fact is that I’m doing what I am passionate about and loving it. Join me if you will.

The above cartoon is an older one of a pastor with some serious fans.

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17 Replies to “preaching to the choir”

  1. Smacks of jealousy David…
    Isn’t that one of the points about blogging? Sharing thoughts, baring souls; ready (and willing) to discuss/agree/disagree with others about that? And so what about selling add-ons… isn’t that what artists do all the time? You are an artist – whether it be in drawing form or writing form – both attract discourse. I, for one, am richer for it.
    Keep doing what you’re doing. If all your detractors can do is bewail your success, it seems they would find little to be happy about in any context.

  2. For the record — I am both offended and encouraged by what I read / see here. Offended because so often your illustrations cut to the core of what’s so wrong with the church — encouraged because what I read / see here drives me to seek a better way!

    Keep it coming!

  3. consider me as part of the choir!

    it is no different when you are a pastor… there are those who like you and those who don’t like you so much… usually one group is much more vocal than the other…

    i appreciate your contributions!

  4. Well said, Andrew. Some of what I’ve seen here has really offended me, but one thing I’m grateful for is that David isn’t content with the status quo.

  5. We are a self selecting group. You have no real control over who comments and who doesn’t.

    I, for one, notice the negative comments, both when they are there and when they aren’t.

    I get a little disappointed when the challenging voices disappear from the ‘choir’. It is one of the blog’s attractions (for me anyway) that they usually stick around for a while. Thats not to say I like seeing you being attacked, but having some dissonance makes the so called choir so much more beautiful and gives it a dimension of depth.

  6. Me? Well I’m just walking with you, on my own path of course… sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t. The cool part is that I don’t think that you and I would ever really care about being in agreement, which makes you a good friend of mine.

  7. OK…so….what business is it of theirs if you did have a “choir” or “fan club?” Who made these clowns the blog police anyway? Or for that matter who made them the religious police?

    You know what, nobody is forcing them to read your blog or look at your cartoons. And if they don’t like what you say, tough luck for them.

    Keep on truckin’ dude.

  8. The only reasponse that some pastors want to hear is “Amen”! In fact, there are some who if they don’t hear it will ask, “can anyone say Amen?” Failing that, their next falback quote is, “it’s getting mighty quiet in here.” Or “if you can’t say Amen then say Oh me.”

    It’s way past time for Christians to break out of this mindset that everyone must think alike, and you have provided a welcome venue for just such a forum. If people who read the blogs here are truly offended why the liberating spirit of your writings and cartoons, then perhaps they need to confine themselves to those churches where everyone says “Amen.”

  9. I was stuck by your use of the word “enemies.” I can’t imagine what it’s like to have an enemy – someone who actually wants to bring me down. I have plenty of people who disagree with me. There are folks who talk about me behind my back. I’m sure there are even folks who won’t come to church or who with-hold offerings because I’m the pastor. People have left the congregation because of me – I’m sure that’s true of every pastor since pastoring was invented. And there are people who annoy the bejeezes out of me; but I can’t think of them as enemies. I just figure that they and I are just not going to ever see eye-to-eye. The bible talks a lot about enemies and I struggle with that because I honestly can’t relate. Do you really have “enemies” (like Philistine giants out to get you)? If so, I’m really sorry about that. That’s gotta suck!

  10. I’m not quite sure what to do with you David. Sometimes I just want to delete you from my google reader because you downright depress me. But then again you challenge me and make me think. Often you make me laugh…however, not so much these days and I miss that.
    I’ve been following you long enough to see your heart and I realize your bitter edge is part of your healing process.
    So I guess I might not be in the choir but I’m here for the ride.

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