god where are you

The feelings of alienation, separation, loneliness and existential doubt are overwhelming.

Sometimes what I’ve needed was not a specific answer, but a wider vision.

The ability to see beyond our small worlds is very hard to come by.

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23 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Cool! Thanks! I co-wrote an album that tries to make the same point:

  2. Jessica says:

    Only recently found your site – but I’m all kinds of loving those cartoons. 🙂

  3. D.L. Webster says:

    I think you might like this post I wrote on the same subject: Perspective.

  4. jennw2ns says:

    You’ve done it again!

  5. When we live in a God-Box (a religious tradition) it’s hard to see outside the box and notice that the Divine is everywhere. We’re conditioned/programmed to fear the God outside the box, suspecting that He may be the ultimate imposter ‘the Satan’. Such fear paralyses the faithful and stunts their growth towards the Divine.

    Time to get out of your G-Box?

  6. james says:


  7. Steve Martin says:

    God IS everywhere, and IN everything.

    But the saving revelation of God, is found in particular places that He has ordained.

    Such as the preaching and teaching about Jesus, in the written Word concerning Jesus, and in baptism and holy communion. And when we comfort each other with words about how Jesus loves us and will save us.

    I know that will rile some, but that is what I believe.

  8. james says:

    God IS everywhere, and IN everything… Steve you are sounding pantheistic…!!

    Surely, considering Jesus turned the word into flesh.. that he can be found in body, flesh, skin, senses, each other… where two or three are gathered etc..

  9. Steve Martin says:


    No, I only believe in one God and He is everywhere.

    Luther said once, that “He is even present in my pea soup.”

    But for saving revelation (what really matters most) He can be found in a few ways which are manifestations of Christ Jesus.

  10. lorinda says:

    Thank you. I one million percent needed this today.

  11. fishon says:

    In todays World, someone would make a “$” off that pea soup. They’d charge to view it and worship over it.

  12. james says:

    Steve – I agree that god is everywhere and in all things. Therefore arn’t all things sacred/ divine? And if we can find god in pea soup surely we can find him in each other and flesh?

    I think the starting point is where you and I differ… my theology begins with goodness..

  13. Steve Martin says:

    I think we do differ a bit (maybe not all that much).

    My theology begins with our lostness.

    Foe even though God is apparent in all of creation, we do not seek Him, and we often worship the creation, rather than the Creator.

    But (the good news), He knows this about us and decided to do something about it, anyway.

  14. Steve Martin says:

    Nice one, fishon!

    Yeah…I have a piece of toast with the image of St. Anthony on it. I should put it on ebay and make a few bucks. 😀

  15. Tiggy says:

    Hello Fishon! I thought you’d disappeared, but maybe it was me who disappeared for a while.

  16. nakedpastor says:

    Hi fishon. Welcome back.

  17. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm V-Neck T-shirt, yup, can i please get this one ….. (i’ll clean the car and look for enough changes to get one).
    There are so many layers on that one. Realllllllllllly!

  18. crista says:

    interesting the comments…i saw something different when i viewed the comic for the 1st time. i thought, ‘how ironic that the guy is sitting “in God” and still crying out to Him with “where are you?”…that is something that i began to understand this past year. I am “in Christ”, so now i don’t ask Him to do things He has already done…like come be with me or ask Him to come into a worship service or gathering…He’s already there…me in Him, Him in me!! awesome!

  19. nakedpastor says:

    thanks crista. thanks for visiting my site.

  20. fishon says:

    Hi Tiggy,
    Haven’t disappeared–I still read NP, just not talking. My voice here, I finally realized, made not one wit of difference in the scope of things. And too, I realized that most of the folks I debated with here were sooo far over my intellect and writing skills that I was wasting my time in debate. Oh, I believe, absolutely, I am right in my thinking and beliefs, but my inability to articulate to people like you on your intellectual level frustrated me–so I disappeared verbally.

    What I just wrote is not a woe-is-me, it is just a fact. For the most part, I am out of my “smarts” league with the NP crowd. But that doesn’t make them right:hehehe!

    STEVE: I will have to look up that St. Anthony guy before I’ll bid.

    I had a piece of peanut butter toast this morning, and was pretty sure I saw an image of obama in the peanut butter. I ate it. Pretty sure I will get a midnight knock on the door soon.

  21. Christine says:

    It begs the question, though, fishon, of how you know you are right. 🙂 (Sorry, backing off now…)

    Seriously, though, it is good to know you’re still here. And I, for one, would be willing to read whomever you do think articulates your viewpoint well. None of us is an island – I think all our smartalic comments are at least to some extent relying on past research and books and mentors – standing on the shoulders of giants, as it were. Maybe makes us more formidable than you should really be giving us credit for. 🙂

  22. nakedpastor says:

    i like your presence here fishon. we all frustrate each other at some point or another. and it’s not about changing other people’s minds anyway. imo. it’s about conversation, and the ability to sustain it even through profound disagreement.

  23. revmom says:

    @ Dylan Morrison, SHE lives outside the God box too. 🙂