cartoon: God in a Box

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19 Responses

  1. Oh, and I have shared this on Facebook, many friends will enjoy this!!

  2. Erin Wilson says:

    Ha! Totally true. But I can’t help loving the feeling of a roomier box 🙂

  3. David N. says:

    I always pictured mine as more of a rhombus, but yeah…same idea.

  4. Daniel says:

    If we were able to get out of the box, I don’t know if we’d be human anymore.

  5. You got it in one David.

    So much hot air and religious rivalry over the Box.

    Easier to think we have Him in there than let Him be in all things!

  6. Susan says:

    Containment! 🙂 thanks for the post

  7. del mar says:


  8. Richard says:

    God has NOTHING to do with earthquakes!!!
    Oh????? Really???
    God NEVER kills people!!!
    Oh???? Really???
    God NEVER brings sickness on people!!!
    Oh???? Really???

  9. Daniel says:


    Wow. Ok. …Wow geez. What are you getting at?

  10. Sybil says:

    Maybe Richard is alluding to the loonie folk who say god causes certain catastophies because of gays or some other narrow thinking.

    Or perhaps there are passages in the bible where god is said to cause all manner of disasters for some fickle reason or other.

    Noah’s flood perhaps …

    Wish Richard would explain.

    A marvellous, succinct cartoon NakedPastor.

    Never doubt the difference you are making to we the “unchurched” …

  11. nakedpastor says:

    thanks so much Sybil.

  12. Sunil says:

    Grace is God occasionally sitting in that box in the hope that we might throw it away.

  13. Richard says:

    To Grace and Sybil. Is it a mistake to put God in any kind of a box, confine His personality and say “He will do this”, or “He won’t do that”? Hey Sybil, I never even came close to what you suggested. God’s love extends further than mine. It even extends to me.

  14. Christine says:

    Something can be uncontained (i.e. limitless), without having to possess all characteristics. (For example, the universe is inifinite but adheres everywhere to certain physical laws – or at least that’s the prevailing view.)

    It depends on what the box means to us. Does it mean giving God certain characteristics? Maybe. In that case, is the box (always) bad? Are some characteristics not the box? When is defining our understanding faith, and when is it hubris?

    These seem like very important questions. Still can’t tell if Richard is taking a side on those questions, or which side, but they seem worth asking to me.

  15. i just got my 3 year old a sock monkey jack in the box

    what about a god in the box?

    “pop” goes the heavenly pop?