cartoon: harasser

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Who did Jesus say would come? The Comforter. Have we emphasized the convicting role of the Spirit? In over 25 years of ministry, as well as just my observations of people, including international students in my classrooms, what I see is that people just want to be happy. They need comfort. They hunger for it. Are desperate for it. Every day I meet people face to face or online or on the phone who just need to be comforted. Consoled. Soothed. Reassured. Not harassed. They are endlessly harassed already.

Comfort one person today.

Do you need to be comforted? Email me and we can arrange it: haywardart at gmail dot com (read more…)


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  1. That’s lovely. Thanks NP. In my tradition, the Holy Spirit is rarely mentioned, other than as a disembodied, but weak, force. Not a person, not a comforter. Just kind of the diff’ between unleaded and unleaded 5 star petrol. You know, you hardly know it’s there, it just costs more.

    This is a lovely reminder of the gentle, gracious. loving Holy Spirit.

  2. strikes me that much of modern evangelical theology is concerned about convincing people that they are bad, that they are sinners. The issue is that most people don’t have a problem with the fact that they are not perfect or good enough. I don’t think people need to be endlessly harrassed about doing things wrong, but loved, embraced, accepted and told how beautiful they are.

  3. Dude… i want this on a V-Neck T-shirt…. REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY i want this on a V-neck- not one of em round neck which makes everyone look like a bobble head… Actually i’d like it perhaps on a Black V-neck… but i’ll take a white one…
    How fast can this happen. Realllllllllly.
    i’ve had such a helluvah year… heart broken, pissed off, feeling pissed on…. – been Kvetching at God most this year…
    ps luv ya dude.
    lemmy know.

  4. Comfort means literally “strong with”. Though comforting is often seen as coming from a mutual place of weakness (emotions, touchy-feely), true comforting comes from a place of strength within the comforter and the comforted. That strength is deep truth, the truth that the sufferer is present to his or her reality, and in that reality is a wound. By being with the sufferer in honest recogniztion of the pain and wound, one can be a true comforter. Those who are not strong enough to be present to another’s pain cannot ever truly comfort. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth, the spirit that looks deeply into our truths with love and is not afraid to look and love. Bless you for this cartoon; it speaks volumns that need to be spoken.

  5. yay……. lemmy know…. there is a double pun for me with that cartoon. I usually consider Holy Spirit to be a harraser at times.
    My other nick names for God are:
    Jehovah Sneaky and Jehovah Cheeky.

    One of these days i’m gonna make a T-Shirt that on the front says: “OH NO!- not another obediant moment”- and on the back a lil guy looking up at God yelling…… ” YOU want me to do WHAT??!!”

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