cartoon: Adam Rejects God

Some of you might remember the first time I messed with Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam was with this other cartoon I did almost a year ago. I also remember that Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, who passed away earlier this year, loved that cartoon and posted it on his blog. Excuse me, but my Photoshop talent is limited, as you can see.

What could this cartoon mean?

Perhaps the most obvious is that Adam, which is Hebrew for “man”, rejects God.

Or perhaps he rejects Michelangelo’s image of God.

Or perhaps he is rejecting that depiction of God as separate and stern.

Or perhaps he is rejecting the whole anthropomorphic idea of God altogether.


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  1. If some old dude came floating up to me on a giant maroon sea shell filled with prepubescent boys and girls, I’d probably run, let alone flip him the bird!

    (Btw, ‘man’ there needs some ‘ExtenZe’ or ‘something’ imho.) đŸ™‚

  2. It kind of represents our rebellious attitudes. Not so much to God (who is always quite unseen) but to authority…which is seen. We want to be free to be ourselves in a world that always tys to define and mold our attitudes and opinions – at some point we break – and we give the finger to those in charge because we feel oppressed (and likely rightly so).

    I sense a lot of this happens with the church and this type of authority figures. For me, the picture is not about being mad with God (although part of that would happen if the church hurt you) but moreso with the representation He is given by church leaders.

  3. I think we often attribute that authority, or the opinions or rules of those in authority, to God mainly because we’ve been told to).

    So then rebellion against authority can feel like giving God the finger.

  4. But then maybe we realize that we’re only giving the finger to some “old dude came floating… on a giant maroon sea shell filled with prepubescent boys and girls”, or whatever image is in vogue at the time.

  5. Maybe we even realize that the image we’re flipping off, is only worth just that.

    (feeling slightly heretical already and I’ve only had one cup of coffee yet)

  6. Ohhh convergence.

    Sitting here reading this while watching Dogma (which just happens to be on TV at the moment, so it’s not like I put it on specially).

    Significance? Probably not, but I get a chuckle out of coincidences like that.

  7. I was too busy yesterday to comment on this. It really looks blasphemous, initially. I mean, flipping off God is bad. Or is it? Look at the image of God he’s flipping off. To start with, if it’s an image, it’s an idol. And look at the idol…God in a shell floating somewhere with the cherubim…is this the God we want to worship? Maybe flipping him off is the healthiest thing Adam can do. He knows that’s not the God he believes in. If you have trouble with the gesture…lighten up. It’s only a gesture. In this case Adam is just showing his displeasure of this depiction of God.

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