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  1. I just had this very conversation recently. I had to ask a few people to remember that, while I am not perfect and do need correction, it gets a bit discouraging when the only affirmation I hear is, “You’re doing a great job, but…”.

  2. Saw the title “Praise and Pricks” and thought the cartoon would be of something else – same message!:) It is sad that people do take Pricks to heart. It was the end to my ministry, sad to say that I failed to rely on God’s messages, but let the “pricks” take hold.

  3. You can’t ignore the pricks or act like you’re not affected by them…that’s just burying your head in the sand. They’re going to get to you. It’s just when they do, you have to start over again.

  4. Praise is definitely necessary, but you can learn a lot from your critics. Their criticism may be totally wrong, may be totally right, or may be partially right.

  5. As a rule of thumb, a prick is not trying to inflate your ego or offer constructive criticism. A prick is trying to deflate you.

    The best response to a prick is to not accept what they say. Feign lack of understanding – “I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Please explain it better or in a different way.” Most pricks will be detered by this initial lack of “understanding”. If the prick is persistent, keep asking questions – this also gives you time to gather your wits and analyze the prick’s comments. At some point, to the harshest pricks, you might find it best to respond with “I understand your comment and completely reject it. I find that it has no validity and do not find it persuasive.”

    Most important, smile through all of this – it drives them nuts.

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