Signed Copies of nakedpastor101

I finally have some of my new book, nakedpastor101, in stock here at home. I’m selling signed copies while they are available. I’m charging only $20 per book. Plus shipping and handling. Here are the S&H costs:

CANADA: $4 (total: $24 US funds)
USA: $8 (total: $28 US funds)
INTERNATIONAL: $15 (total: $35 US funds)

I wish I could keep the shipping costs down, but this is what Canada Post charges.

If you want to order one or more, please send me your Paypal payment with your correct mailing address. You can click my Paypal button in my sidebar on my blog requesting the book. I think at this point if you want more than one, I’ll just ship them separately. If there was a cheaper way I would do it.

Do you want a personal message from me written in the book along with my signature? Let me know.

Are you local? Email me and we’ll arrange a pickup.

Thanks everyone!


3 Replies to “Signed Copies of nakedpastor101”

  1. Hey, David, I would LOVE to order a signed copy of your book with a personal message in addition to your signature.

    Do I just click on the “Donate” button to the left and agree to a $28 donation or am I missing a more obvious Paypal icon? Thanks for the information. I’m eager to see the book. :^)

  2. … actually that should read “button to the right.” I guess I need to go to bed early tonight. 🙂

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