10 Replies to “cartoon: tshirt idea on love”

  1. Why does it say ‘love’ and not ‘loves’?

    It’s like that bumper sticker, ‘Jesus loves you, but the rest of us think you’re a prick.’

  2. This made me remember a little girl in Mozambique who played with my daughter. Her name is Suzette, and her English was really quite good. One day she was sitting with me, and we were watching Margie do something, when suddenly, Suzette sings “Jesus loves Margie this I know, I can see it is so.” A blinding light went on in my head–from Suzette’s perspective, it must have looked that way–this only daughter, loving parents, 3 pretty dresses with her (way less than what Margie has at home…but still), a violin….I gathered her up in my arms and said “Jesus loves Suzette, this I know”. She just shook her head.

    Broke my heart. It still haunts me, four years later.

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