4 Replies to “cartoon: passive aggressive”

  1. why does this feel too close to home?
    I know I have been the green shirt figure, but have I been the knife holder? Truely hope not, however that might be only my perspective…

  2. Maybe the person WAS behind you 100% when they said they were. Then started thinking differently with further thought or were then influenced by others to change their mind.

    Maybe they are afraid to be honest with how they really feel, so they lie.

    Maybe they purposely deceived you for some reason.

    Many possibilities. People are complicated.

  3. The most interesting thing to me about this is that the “victim” obviously doesn’t FEEL the attack. How deep must the knife go before the victim realizes that he is being cut up? Either his mind hasn’t caught up with his nerve endings yet, or his nerve endings have become so accustomed to this kind of violence, they have adapted to the pain. This one’s got me thinking…

  4. ahh, works on so many levels – workplace, family – any place people gather.

    Me, I’m always surprised when the words and actions just don’t mesh; I’m still deciding if my response is a flaw in my character or theirs …

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