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16 Responses

  1. jarofclay says:

    killing fun seems to be one of organized religion’s favourite businesses…

  2. Ann B says:

    The day after giving birth? I hardly think so!

  3. Tiggy says:

    Did you hear about that church noticeboard in New Zealand? It had Joseph lying next to Mary in bed and looking glum, and underneath it said, ‘God is a hard act to follow’. It got a lot of complaints apparently – can’t think why…… 😉

  4. WebMonk says:

    Ann B – there’s no reason to think this is the day after. Joseph was an observant Jew, so she had a full 40 days (or more, I can’t remember the details) after the birth before they were allowed to start having sex.

  5. gary foster says:

    Interesting blog. I like the honesty. I am a bit more blunt. For a reason. I will check back from time to time. Happy New Year

  6. It was actually hard to find some king or god that wasn’t from a virgin birth since many of the early gods were goddesses since it seemed that creation came from women, not men. And for it to make sense the goddess had to be a perpetual virgin since no god man was around before The Goddess.

    So to claim one’s mother as a virgin was to claim that one’s mother was god. Parthenogenesis is the Greek word for virgin birth, which the Parthenon is named for. Predictably the Parthenon was converted to a church honoring the virgin mary.

  7. Ann B says:

    WebMonk – I was just being tongue in cheek! NP posted this on the 26th. the day after the ‘supposed’ birth day of Jesus, which everyone knows is not correct.

  8. nakedpastor says:

    Hi Gary. Nice to meet you. Our stories, though different, sound similar. Checked out your blog. Keep it up!! Hope you comment here often.

  9. Tiggy says:

    ‘It was actually hard to find some king or god that wasn’t from a virgin birth’

    And now it’s just hard to find a virgin!

    Thank you for that Harty explanation – Athena being the exception of course, having sprung direct from her father, and Zeus was certainly no virgin.

  10. saint says:


    How could a pastor put this on his blog?

  11. fishon says:

    We both can figure that out.

  12. Quester says:


    How could a pastor put this on his blog?

    Blasphemy? Which one is supposed to be the god blasphemed against? Mary, Joseph, sex, or the church that eventually invents the doctrine?

  13. Blasphemy?


    How about the sin of bearing false witness? For example, claiming that Jesus was born on December 25th? Virgin birth was simply another pagan sign of divinity that worked its way into the story, among others attributed to Jesus.

  14. John T says:

    Blasphemy? Where did the notion come from that everything a person chooses not to believe is blasphemy?

    I used to be just like that until God granted me deliverance from “religion” and showed me what a “relationship” with Him is all about.

    It’s time for believers to be real, honest, and naked!

    Keep up the good work David!

  15. fishon says:

    Let me understand this:
    “It is time for believers to be real, honesty, and naked!”

    saint said, on December 27th, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    How could a pastor put this on his blog?
    ———–Now Saints statement seems to be a “real, honesty, and naked” accessment to

    The problem with some of you is you don’t like “real, honesty, and naked” if it
    doesn’t agree with your belief. So you make the childish charge that…But it is
    still “real, honesty, and naked.”

  16. Daniel says:

    Interesting. I really don’t know what to say. If I don’t like it I’m a dogmatic freak. If I do like I’m wishy washy.