14 Replies to “cartoon: defensive postures”

  1. Awesome, D. Absolutely awesome.

    So the bibles are supposed to be some absolute defense, and yet in an almost subconscious, fearful admission, they need a giant gun barrel as well, just in case?

    Maybe their voices, when reciting from the bibles, still don’t carry the message far enough, not enough range…

  2. Hmm, there was a time when all you needed to do was get a bible and whack someone over the head with it. Do they have the phrase ‘Bible Bashers’ in Canada?

  3. “You’re hitting them out of the ball park these days, David!”

    Where Naked Pastor is from they “hit the puck in the net, ey!” instead of the American past time of “hitting the ball out of the park.” LOL

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