old cartoon: gravedigger (with melancholy thoughts)

in or out?

I drew this cartoon back in March of 2008. I like it.

So, today my computer died (I’m on Lisa’s right now). Not sure what happened. It won’t read the startup disk. I’ve tried everything. Deep everlasting sorrow. And today my fridge died. The compressor just “went”. And my car died. I still have my wife and my dog, so I can’t write a country song yet, but it’s starting to sound like one! I’m going to be away for the next few days. This plus the fact that my computer is dysfunctional (like so many other inanimate and animate things I know) might mean you won’t be hearing as much from me. We’ll see.


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  1. Aww, I’m sure if you get an expert in he/she can save at least save the stuff on your computer. A friend managed that with mine and he wasn’t even an expert. That’s a lot of bereavement though. Maybe you can see it as an opportunity to delight in getting lovely new electrical goods. The car could be a bigger problem, though maybe your church can help out as you have to have a car for your job.

    I hope He helps us both in and out. Don’t you have days when you just want to climb in a hole and disappear? I wrote a song recently about Jesus easing someone into death – it was kind of seasonal, like he as going to die anyway so he was asking Jesus to help him and be there with him. I don’t know why ‘he’ – sometimes I’m a man in my songs – lol.

  2. Well, if what “they” say, people die in threes, and that bad things often happen in threes, and “they” whoever they are, are never wrong, I guess it could also be true that things also die in threes also…so you should be o.k. for awhile…..

  3. I get a woman with great breasts, but a horrible face – so I cover her face up.

    Are that ‘newchurch’ lot Scientologists? They seemed to be more into Swedenborg. I wrote to them about one of their statements and got back a bizarre answer – well I found it bizarre. I meant to ask you about this David, if you were familiar with this particular theological slant as I’d never come across it before.

    ‘Hi Tiggy,

    Thanks for contacting us at newchurch.org. You asked how we believe that Jesus overcame evil and restored a sense of balance in the world. It’s a good question! As the New Testament points out many times, the era in which Jesus was born was a time of great darkness. There was ignorance of what God really wanted. Because of this, the powers of hell – a very real power – were starting to overcome the powers of heaven. You can see this in the demon-possesion that was happening at the time in the land of Israel. When Jesus was in the world, He allowed evil spirits to approach Him and test Him – and He defeated them all, returning them to their place, so that they lost their power. By defeating the forces of hell, He made it so that people could choose NOT to be slaves to sin, so that demons could no longer force people to do evil – He restored an equilibrium so that people were once again in freedom. Does that help explain what we mean? Thanks again for writing!

    -Coleman Glenn (on behalf of newchurch.org)’

  4. i know some troubleshooting stuff about computer, i would like to help you with that but unfortunately i’m here in vancouver, too far for a fix

    hey Tiggy,
    your woman might read your comment, you’ll be in great trouble

  5. Actually if he can’t boot off a CD the problem is probably not hard
    disk so stuff is probably safe, he just can’t access it.

  6. Yeah, a time machine wouldn’t work because you’d need to go back, not only to the day before everything went noticeably wrong, but to the day before the things started to deteriorate. And that could take you a long way back. It would be confusing.

    (Can I just point out that the woman whose breasts I was referring to was an advert on David’s blog page. There seems to have been a misunderstanding on this point. I have no woman, I have no man, I have no guinea-pig even.)

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