8 Replies to “3 more photos with lisa and “him””

  1. This blog never ceases to inspire me. I got a engaged a few weeks back, and all I can think about is a collection of pessimist thoughts about lost freedom, all the things that could go wrong somewhere down the line.

    To independent-minded people, marriage to the one they love is definitely the right thing to do, but it neverthless feels like a trip to the dentist.

    It’s been a month, and after seeing the pics of you and Lisa, for the absolute first time I’m thinking: heck, I might be wanting some of that married fun after all. In fact, I find myself yearning for it, and thankful to God that I’ve got this person to share life with. All totally new feelings, unknown to me five minutes ago.

  2. Wow, you’re welcome to MY ‘freedom’ Dany! I’m very independently-minded, but it doesn’t mean it’s a pleasure being alone for the rest of your life. Being free and single isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially as you get older.

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