9 Replies to “cartoon: choices choices choices!”

  1. ? Those are two different sentences Steve. Love God. Love your neighbour as yourself. What do you mean by serve both??

    Thank you NP, that helped me clarify things in my head. (But I don’t think that you want us to serve you instead of God.)

  2. Now I’m visualizing that old game show “The Dating Game” where a bachelorette or bachelor had three potential dates behind the curtain. The bachelor or bachelorette was allowed to ask a few questions of each one before choosing “the winner” and going on a date with the chosen one (paid for by the show).

    Now I’m just wondering…If Pastor Dave, Jesus, and Satan were behind the curtain, and I had no idea who they were, I wonder whose answers would persuade me to pick them. I wonder what I would ask.


  3. we’re supposed to love both yes.. maybe I was just confused by the word serve. We’re supposed to serve God first, but that means serving others… I guess we do serve both then. 🙂

    ttm – that’s a good question. probaby the devil, he’s trickiest, if left to our own devices.

  4. I don’t like the way the cartoon puts you on a level as though God is just another person. I assume it’s meant to be God, though at first I wondered who the other guy was sposed to be. To me, God would be better represented as the area around Pastor Dave, like in a Venn Diagram.

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