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37 Responses

  1. Lewis says:

    That is great! I am slowly becoming more intrigued by your theory. I suppose this is your artistic impression of the Unsubstantial…

    Good stuff NP!

  2. Fun! Christians get to see the name of the cartoon’s author. I am not sure that was the point; but it had me laughing. Hope your day is great!

  3. nakedpastor says:

    Hi Roy. Ya, I thought of that, but my name is just there on the bottom right where it usually is. nothing meant by it. but it did cross my mind.

  4. wezlo says:

    whoa, harsh.

  5. Savvy says:

    Oh clever. I was waiting for it to load and then clued in ;c)

  6. steve martin says:

    To a Lutheran believer (me anyway) the window on the right would have a bowl of water, a piece of bread, a Bible, and a preacher (the preached Word – not the preacher him/herself) in it.

  7. steve martin says:

    All these bring us to the foot of the cross

    These are the places where God has chosen to show up for us. And that’s about the extent of it.

  8. Fred says:

    steve, are those what God “looks like”? I mean, he’s not made of stone in spite of the Bible calling him a “rock.”

  9. steve martin says:


    It’s just that He commanded that we do those things. And He never told us to do anything where He would not be there, in it, for us.

    That’s as close as we are going to get (seeing Him) until that last Day.

  10. bob says:

    Perceptive, very, you are.

  11. dan says:

    Alternatively, instead of blank spaces, you could put a mirror into each box.

  12. Societyvs says:

    Excellent! Love it!

  13. Tiggy says:

    Love this one. I thought at first it was still downloading so it was a few moments before I got it. Perhaps for a believer the space is very full.

  14. Laura says:

    Excellent representation, but I wonder, what’s behind the blank space? Hmmm.

  15. I wonder what both really look like to God.

  16. Tiggy says:

    ‘I wonder, what’s behind the blank space?’

    More blank space to the ‘last visible dog’.

  17. Semety says:

    Well technically that’s true, but atheists would have nothing in their space, and the Christians would have God, even if He is invisible to the eyes.

    Plus, it reminded me of a verse: 2 Corinthians 6:14-16

    Isn’t dangerous for the atheist if the Christian doesn’t speak up? I suppose not so much for the ones who don’t believe in hell.

  18. Tiggy says:

    God is the God of atheists too. Don’t assume they don’t have God.

    Hmm, try telling people they’re going to Hell – that will really work!

  19. Luke says:

    and SVS and i were just having a great conversation on idolatry! excellent stuff dude!

  20. Clint says:

    Semety – isn’t it dangerous for the Christian if the Muslim doesn’t speak up?

  21. Societyvs says:

    and Luke and I were having a great conversation on idolatry! Wait – has that been said? LOL

  22. Semety says:

    they may have God, but they don’t believe in him?

    tell people why they are going to hell maybe? or maybe we should tell them that they’re headed for hell, at that moment? like the blind man going over the cliff? Actually most of the hardcore atheists don’t seem to mind, because they don’t believe in any of it. The people who are most bugged are the “former christians” or non-practicing catholics.

  23. Tiggy says:

    Belief isn’t everything – maybe they experience God without putting the label God on to the experience. Faith isn’t about intellectual assent.

    ‘The people who are most bugged are the “former christians” or non-practicing catholics.’

    I doubt t hey’d be bothered either. They might get angry at the affrontery.

  24. Tiggy says:

    Didn’t the Catholic church state that Hell isn’t a reality? I’m sure I read that somewhere – it was an official statement by the Vatican. And I’m sure the Anglicans dont go along with it any more.

  25. Tiggy…some Iron Age ideas deserve to be left in the Iron Age

  26. Chip says:

    So can I get that on a T-Shirt?

    Or a Button maybe?

    That is F’n Hilarious!

  27. Tiggy Sagar says:

    Ahem, is that the ‘God-shaped hole’ we keep hearing about?

  28. solomon says:

    All the Atheists out there,
    Who gave bad descriptions of God will be condemned to HELL!
    Nobody can describe how God’s like, even the Prophet Mohammad
    who have seen him.You and all your lots are making fun of your creator.
    Wait till you really see the fires of hell in front of you on the day of resurrection.
    For those who have made a mistake quickly repent before its too late.

  29. solomon says:

    All the Atheists out there,
    You all are nothing but just playing around & wondering blindly with your thoughts & does’nt having the slightest grasp of truth in your mind.You are are plain guessing that there is no God & you all are not confident in what you believe.Its just the same whether you are warned or not,you will always try to disbelieve the existence of God,therefor HELL is a just place for you.

  30. Tiggy Sagar says:

    Fortunately, Solomon, Allah is merciful.

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