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21 Responses

  1. MistiPearl says:

    Once again…It is all about perspective!

  2. TC says:

    Thanks, needed that today.

  3. gauamu says:

    very true..almost all the time we fail to see the big picture. how sad.

  4. Charlie says:

    It’s like the line in the Blindside song, “…they look up without realizing they’re standing in the palm of your hand…”

  5. ttm says:

    When you’ve had the privilege of playing with the zoom feature and using it to envision and create your art, it’s quite frustrating to have your camera swiped and replaced with a simple point and shoot (no zoom) from way-back-when…

    but a true artist usually figures out how to use even the simplest tools and irritating limitations to create more masterpieces. I think that sometimes the internal satisfaction of the artist is even greater when the challenge has been so complex.

  6. nouanda says:

    what, lose a camera recently?

  7. eric blauer says:

    Great thought, I sent this to one of my friends who is in a rough place right now.
    This will minister life.

  8. Jin Woo says:

    LOVE IT!

  9. ttm says:

    @nouanda, What I meant was that sometimes God allows us to see the big picture, other times it seems He doesn’t, and that can be frustrating if we’re used to seeing it as our “norm.” But, ultimately, regardless of our perspective at any given time, we can trust that God gives us enough creativity and persistence and faith to make something of the situation regardless of what we see or don’t see.

    That’s all. I know I’m definitely not as literal as some commenters here, and my brain makes some weird leaps from one thing to another. But no, my camera/s are safe and sound! 🙂

  10. Hahahaha says:

    …right before he crushes him

  11. tim says:

    it’s all just pretend you know

  12. tiago says:

    Point well depicted and clearly delivered. Just so you know, as soon as I stumbled upon this particular toon, I subscribed for your RSS feed and followed you on Twitter right away 🙂 I just love how despite the simplicity & minimalism of the toons (which btw, I really adore), you communicate larger-than-life truths.

    My prayers,

  13. Bob Chernisky says:

    you obviously haven’t met God. He doesn’t work that way. Oh sure, sometimes you feel like He’s crushing you, but when you look at the big picture you see that something was crushing you, but it wasn’t God. In fact, you will also realize that God never let you down from the palm of His hand, so you are actually moving closer to God every time something does crush you.

    God Bless,

  14. Bob Chernisky says:

    pretend in what way?
    If you are saying that it is pretend that there is actually a big hand under your body, sure – it’s pretend.
    If you are saying that it is pretend that there is a God who is taking care of you in an incredible way, you are unfortunately wrong. I say unfortunately because you haven’t had the opportunity to meet the God who is looking out for you even while you ignore and/ or deny him.

    I’d love to help set up the meeting,

  15. émie says:

    hehe i remember seeing a cartoon vair similar to this on 😛
    still love it though.

  16. misty says:

    hi, Bob Chernisky, you are correct! -“but when you look at the big picture you see that something was crushing you, but it wasn’t God”. yeah, i feel that type of doubt and question is crushing us. not God.

    and someone pretend that God is under our legs ! thats the problem

  17. Joshua says:

    It’s funny listening to creationists, talking about perspective… Dogma doesn’t equal truth my friends. Not to mention the wonderful antropamorphization of your god. If God is perfect, and created us in his image, then his perfection is in question.

  18. clafleur says:

    This is my first time here. I saw this on stumble and the cartoon looked interesting.

  19. Myyna says:

    Love it! Full of true.