16 Replies to “cartoon: Will the REAL Jesus Please Stand Up?!”

  1. Welll the first one was obviously real, but that’s only part of it..

    What about the mediator Jesus? the um personal Jesus?

    I suppose this is because no one seems to agree on the Biblical Jesus.. At least some are trying to find him. (The Bible would be a good starting place I think)

  2. Definitely not the one in the middle. I like the simple Jesus. The one without Shame and only Grace. Anyone know that one?

  3. The Emerging Bracken: A picture of Joel Osteen would be just as appropriate as Deeprak Chopra, I think?

    I think he wanted to use the picture of of someone who actually talks about “Jesus” – so that would rule out Osteen.

  4. I reckon our tendency to say “I like to think of Jesus as…” must annoy/amuse/frustrate him.

    If I say “I like to think of my bank account as having a million pounds in it” that won’t change the reality of my bank account.

    I don’t think we can make God/Jesus in our image, yet we tend to try.

  5. If it helps people unfamiliar with Chopra, he recently came out with a book called The Third Jesus, where he basically suggests the content of the cartoon.

  6. Actually,he’s come out with a more recent book called Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment…I heard him on CBC radio the other day at the gym(forget Tupac,there’s nuthin like workin’ out to Deepak)…talk about anachronisms-this stuff is another throwback to the many infancy gospels and lost “18 yr narratives” that were once so popular and continue to draw the faithful in with the promise of the esoteric “inside dope” on the Divine Toddlerhood or Jesus:The Teenage Years….or in the spirit of Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Diaries,how about The Donkey Diaries…now that’s a bestseller…but,have you noticed our appetite to do this with fictional characters as well?…Superman(Superboy)…Archie(Little Archie) …never dull and always precocious

  7. I have a thing downloaded on pvr about deepak I need to watch still – which i will so I have more insight into the debate about deepak.

    FIF, great line about 2-Pac and D-Pak.

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