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6 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    So appreciate your return with this, (but I want to say that in a way that doesn’t “put upon” you to carry on if you don’t want to.) I just wanted to applaud this sentiment and say we should be able to see we are all in this mess together, and all saved by grace. This is such a big, strong binding force that it should do away with the “in/out” argument forever surely?

    There’s a guy called Jay Pathek, pastor at Arvada vineyard in Colorado, gave a series of talks at a conference in the UK a few years ago on this subject, changed my life forever. They can be downloaded from the church website if anyone’s interested. All best, Kim

  2. marcus says:

    even if he remembered the time and place did he say the right formulaic words…!

  3. steve martin says:

    It is….(in the end)… all about us…isn’t it?

    Aren’t we the final arbiters in this ‘being saved’ project?

    If not, than just Who really is in charge?

    By the way, for me it was May 14th, 1957 at 2:37 in the afternoon (my baptism).
    And every day of my life since then!

    – Steve Martin

  4. Jeff says:

    Gosh, its great to have back this refreshing splash of humor and truth. next time you want to go on vacation you need to check with us……..Still waiting for the next episode of fakenaked……

  5. Roland says:

    Now I get it.
    I thought the post was about belly buttons.

  6. zefi says:

    Bleh. Am always the one to not understand. 🙁

    Anyway, what’s with the bare feet and toe nail? Or that’s actually a really cool pair of sandal?