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  1. Steve says:

    Since most of the sects and cults eat the ‘Law’ up (it’s the mainstay in their spiritual diet)…they think it’ll be great nourishment for everybody else too!

    Of course!

    – steve

  2. dorsey says:

    bwaahaa! I just shot communion wine out my nose. (burns a little)

  3. The Four Spiritual Laws? It must be nigh on thirty years since I last heard about them. Are they really still doing the rounds?

  4. nakedpastor says:

    i dunno. i couldn’t think of anything else i could fit on the small leaflet. I original thought of Chick Publications, THIS WAS YOUR LIFE, but that was even longer!

  5. Daniel says:

    Ouch, that hurt.

  6. Pastor M says:

    They didn’t even offer to pray “the sinner’s prayer”–how cold!

  7. Jeanie says:

    I actually have in-laws who still insist on wrapping their very chintzy “tips” for waitstaff at restaurants with a “gospel tract.” It is mortifying.

    Great cartoon!

  8. thebutler says:

    We just had a little situation like this in an outreach thingy that a friend of mine set up with ‘street people’.

    Some other people from a church/ministry share the place where we welcome these people and they came up with somegruesome flyers. One even has a test for finding out whether you’re gonna go to hell or not.

    Prety impractical for a place where we simply share our welath with people and offer them opportunities to eat, talk, listen, explore, fellowship in an open environment with no strings attached.

    I do hope we’ll stop sacrificing people to some sort of perfect theology…

  9. Barbara says:


    i work for the people that wrote that little book and yeah, they still use it

    i have never used it even though i have pretended to use it on days when the office was to go out in the community and “witness”. i went to the beach instead and talked to whoever happened to be on the bench.

    i don’t like working here and hope to God i don’t get fired if my boss finds this comment


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