4 Replies to “Jaunt With Jesus #15: Jesus In Training”

  1. So many people have this attitude. Jesus Christ is perfectly capable of heeling people physically. However, I firmly believe that He’s concerned about heeling our soul that is dead and resurrect it to new life. By His stripes we can be heeled – not necessarily just physically.

  2. Reminds me of the book I am reading right now by Mark Galli; “Jesus Mean and Wild”. Has to do with how we have tended to try to tame Jesus.

  3. Wow I just realized after posting this that I was off base with the Heal and Heel. But I guess in a way people try to get Jesus to Heel so that He will Heal them.

  4. It seems to cartoon is about our control of this figure called ‘Jesus’ and how we try to make Him say what we want him to say (religous puppetry). Fact is, God is not subject to our egocentricism. Great cartoon!

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