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Compared to Bishop Spong??!!

Some Sundays ago after our service a woman who was visiting informed me that she was a minister. She said that my talk was very interesting, but that I reminded her of Bishop Spong....


serving time eternal

Sometimes it is difficult to have faith in human progress when it comes to justice issues. I have hope and do what I can. But time often proves that the human race can perpetually...

Fundamentalism & Dialog 0

Fundamentalism & Dialog

The most important conversation is with fundamentalists. I’m not just talking about Christian fundamentalists, but fundamentalists of every persuasion. Conversation between the moderates and liberals and even some conservatives of every persuasion already happens....

Idea for a Story 15

Idea for a Story

Here’s a possible idea for a story. If anyone uses it for a book or movie, you must pay me It is completely based on the news I’ve heard that scientists have gathered enough...

the atheist vocation 3

the atheist vocation

on jake’s cue from a comment yesterday, i’ve responded to an article he referred to me. Bishop Spong, in an online forum article, writes: I welcome the attention that serious atheists like Richard Dawkins...