Author: Nakedpastor David Hayward

"Fake News Jesus" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward 6

Fake News Jesus

BUY THIS CARTOON! There was a great teacher whose truths ushered in… no… revealed… a new paradigm… or, actually, a reality that always is but was heretofore unseen. His followers noticed, after his execution, that...

"Leaving the Flock" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward 0

Leaving a Controlling Community

It’s up to us to decide to make the definitive cut of the bonds that tie us to a constrictive and controlling community. With one decisive swing of the axe, we can separate ourselves and...

"A Subtle Abuse" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward 2

Ten Subtle Ways You Could Be Abused

I know “abuse” is being discussed a lot these days. Spiritual abuse is becoming a more recognized reality even in psychology circles. Religious PTSD is a newly recognized and legitimate field of study and...

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