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11 Responses

  1. Hugh says:

    Brian McLaren, in one of his books that I can’t find at the moment, talks about spiritual development and how we always think that where we are is right. He then talks about NOT looking down on people who are in phases you have developed from but to remember that you once thought that they were right. Even when we disagree we are still all children of God.

    This also reminded me of a story I heard in a sermon many years ago about 3 Jewish friends where 2 of them fell out over a matter of doctrine. The mutual friend got them to a Rabbi to try and get his friends back together. When they arrived one of the friends told the Rabbi what he thought and the Rabbi replied “Ah yes, you are right.” The second friend then said what he thought and the Rabbi replied “Ah yes, you are right.” At that the mutal friend said “Rabbi they can’t both be right” to which the Rabbi replied “Ah yes, you are truely right.”

  2. Tana says:

    @Hugh – I love that story about the 3 Jewish friends. Everyone is right and no one is right. There’s a lot of freedom in that paradox.

  3. Brigitte says:

    There is only one way and it is the way of mercy. It is as plain as looking to my own life and anyone else’s.

  4. Steve Martin says:

    “Jesus said that He is the way…”

    I believe Him.

  5. fishon says:

    What is wrong with being right?

  6. nakedpastor says:

    That’s not the point of the cartoon fishon. The point is that everyone else is right too. Problematic at least.

  7. fishon says:

    Oh I know the point of the toon!

    But you say: The point is that everyone else is right too.
    —-That does make things a little sticky and awkward for those of the choir that belittle my positions that are in direct opposition to your positions.

  8. sam scoville says:

    Ok, let’s say for the sake of argument: everyone is right. Plato said “no man does wrong knowingly.” Like any system, we’re all State of the Art. Optimizing. At any moment I’m doing what’s right-for-me. Can you imagine any one at any moment thinking I’mdoing what-s-wrong-for me? Heaven’s no. Even if it’s wrong conventionally or culturally, one rationalizes: “ah, but I know better.” Looking back: that’s another story.
    Everyone is “right.” I got no problem with that. Makes good sense. Do a cartoon with I am Good I am Good I am Good filling up the box and we can discuss THAT. Meta Hodus. Way of ways.

  9. fishon says:

    sam scoville
    November 26, 2011 | 6:52 am
    Can you imagine any one at any moment thinking I’mdoing what-s-wrong-for me?
    —-Yes I can imagine that. It was me. A million times I left my family to go with the boys to do my thing. I consciencely knew I was hurting my family, myself [oh the pain of those hangovers], my future, but I was willing to pay the price.

    I think that there are millions of men [pastors too] that are into pornography who know very well that it is “wrong for them;” however, they are willing to pay the price that they know it is costing them.

    The old saying, “I hate myself for doing that,” says a lot to the issue you raise: “Can you imagine any one at any moment thinking I’mdoing what-s-wrong-for me”?

  10. sam scoville says:

    You are probably right Fishon, and generally my students react the same way. Plato probably figured those of us who are doing wrong knowingly override that with the rationalization that preserves us all in our box, true? Imagine Abraham hauling up the mountain with Isaac: “damn, this is wrong: I know it’s wrong” must have floated through his culturally determined head…but, “hmmm I believe also it’s right: I wouldn’t do it if it was WRONG.” Well, not as dramatic, but that’s how I rationalize and justify my “wrong” doing. Civil disobedience self-justified by conviction of “higher law.” So it’s a language problem, as usual. I do wrong ongoingly & continually. Never do WRONG knowingly.

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