z-theory #22: categories

I want to further develop the z-theory (<– click there to read about it).

I remind you of the waterfalls dream that initiated this whole process for me. The top of the falls is beyond our vision. It is the Mystery, the Wholly Other. Then there is the actual falls. This is the incarnation, condescension and manifestation of the Other. Then there is the flood plain, the ramification, the effect, the universal appropriation of the Other.

Here are a few developments in describing the categories:

  1. The top of the waterfalls I will call the mystical/ metaphysical.
  2. The falls I will call the theological/ philosophical.
  3. The flood plain I will call the sociological/ universal.

I am wondering if these more focused descriptions will help me articulate the z-theory.

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3 Responses

  1. Sherri says:

    I’ve been interested in your z-theory ever since I first read about it, last year sometime. I’m curious to see what you add to it. It makes sense to me, and has helped me with processing my thoughts about “Jesus”.

  2. nakedpastor says:

    thanks sherri. i have one book i’m working on for publication. as soon as that is completed i hope to write a book on the z-theory. others have asked for it too. i appreciate your encouragement.

  3. faithlessinfatima says:

    Seems like the “als” have it…typical ;)…as descriptors, these are as good as any, but I’m wondering,what is the myth behind the narrative?

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